Xbox 360

Deadpool Video Game Gets Mr. Sinister, Psylocke, Cable, Domino & Death

Hey suits, listen up ‘cause I’ve got some pretty sweet news to break.

Next-Gen XBox Announcement Coming May 21st

We'll know more about the "720" next month.

NBC's Heroes Might Get Relaunched

Save the Cheerleader! Again!

Xbox 360 sold 750,000 Plus Consoles On Black Friday

Xbox 360 closed another impressive month, strengthening its position in the console market with U.S. sales of 1.26 million units in November.

The Walking Dead Video Game Disc Edition (PS3, XBox 360, PC) Includes Robert Kirkman Comic Book

Telltale Games is offering The Walking Dead Video Game as a hardy copy with a bunch of exclusive incentives.

Target Black Friday 2012 PS3, XBox 360, Nintendo Deals (Official)

Target released information on their upcoming Black Friday deals related to the PS3, XBox 360 and Nintendo.

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