Will Beall

WB Moving Forward With Aquaman Movie

Justice League movie writer on board.

Exclusive: Snyder, Goyer, Nolan Could Be Behind Justice League 2016 Movie; Man of Steel 2 and Batman Reboot Updates

Some updates on the Justice League movie, Man of Steel 2, Will Beall script, Batman reboot and more.

Justice League Movie Still In The Works: Watch A Wonder Woman Fan Viral Short

Stunt-veteran-turned-director Jesse V. Johnson does a WW fan short.

Justice League Movie Writer Will Beall Signs On For Two More Movies With WB

Perhaps Beall's JL Movie script really isn't all bad.

Now New Batman Reboot Is Rumored For 2019

Batman reboot to get pushed further back?

Mark Millar Gets Hired By Fox And Rips The Justice League Movie Apart?

Millar had good thoughts about the JL Movie back in the Summer, but not anymore for some reason.

Movie Review: Gangster Squad (2013)

The holiday hangover is finished. Are these gangsters really in demand or simply deserve being watched on demand?

Justice League Movie Plot Rumored: Darkseid & Destruction Of Earth

Details on the source for Will Beall's Justice League movie script may have become known.

Justice League Movie In The Works; Being Written By Will Beall

Warner Bros. has apparently hired Will Beall to pen the Justice League Movie.

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