Tony Moore

Marvel NOW! Deadpool Team Announced: Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore

We see a new Deadpool series coming this November from the likes of Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore.

Kirkman Responds to Moore's The Walking Dead Suit "Ridiculous"

Kirkman issued a statement calling Moore's lawsuit ridiculous and states Moore receives the money his is due.

Robert Kirkman Being Sued by Tony Moore Over The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman is being sued by his childhood friend and collaborator, Tony Moore, over monies purportedly owed for The Walking Dead.

Marvel Preview: First Look At Venom #2

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Venom #2, from the red hot creative team of writer Rick Remender and artist Tony Moore!

Marvel Comics: First Look at Venom #2 Tony Moore Inks

Marvel Editor Stephen Wacker has provided us a first look at a page from the new Venom (#2) series from artist Tony Moore with inks by Danny Miki's CrimeLab.

5 Pages of Tony Moore's Venom #1 Stolen! Please, Keep An Eye Out!

The artist on the new Venom, Tony Moore, reports that five pages have been stolen and asks everyone to kep a look out for him.

Marvel and Rick Remender's New Venom is.. Spoilers!

In a conference call on the new Venom series, Marvel Editor Stephen Wacker let it slip(?) just who is going to be bonded to the symbiote.

Venom Ongoing Announced

Updated with more pics and press release. The Bourne Identity and James Bond meet Venom in this new ongoing from Rick Remender and Tony Moore come March 2011!

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