Thor 3

5 New Marvel Movies Coming For 2017-2019

Iron Man 4? Inhumans? Black Panther?

The Avengers 3 Rumored For Marvel Studios Phase 3 Plans; Guardians of the Galaxy 2 In Doubt?

Ant-Man, Captain America 3, Thor 3, Doctor Strange and The Avengers 3.

Thor 3 Greenlit; Writers Announced

Marvel Comics writers Chris Yost and Craig Kyle writing the script.

Thor 2 On Track To Hammer Man of Steel At The Box Office?

Thor 2 doing well at the box office. Good news for Loki and Thor 3.

More Sif After Thor 2 Says Jaimie Alexander (Video)

Guardians of the Galaxy? Spinoff movie?

Chris Hemsworth Says Ragnarok For Thor 3

End Times For Thor in the next movie?

Tom Hiddleston & Loki Likely Not To Return Until Thor 3

Thor 3 depends on how Thor 2 does at the box office says Kevin Feige.

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