The Walking Dead Video Game Episode 4 "Around Every Corner" Now Available

TellTale has released the next episode to the popular video game, The Walking Dead, with episode 4, "Around Every Corner."

First Look At the Walking Dead Video Game Screen Shots

Telltale Games released a first look at The Walking Dead video game with three screen shots.

First Look At Telltale's The Walking Dead Video Game - Concept Art

We have our first look at Robert Kirkman and Telltale's new "The Walking Dead" video game via some concept art images.

Robert Kirkman on The Walking Dead video game

Robert Kirkman spoke on the new video game, season two's AMC series and the possibility of an Invincible video game.

The Walking Dead and Fables Video Game from Telltale to be downloadable only

Telltale has acquired the rights to develop video games based ofr AMC's The Walking Dead and the comic book Fables; to be downloadable only.

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