Superman Returns

Brandon Routh Comments On Being Cast As Atom In Arrow Season 3

Series of tweets from the former Superman.

Kevin Spacey Supports Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor In Batman Vs. Superman

From one Lex to another: He's just going to f'n own it.

Brainiac Concept Art For Superman Returns Sequel Surfaces

Bryan Singer's sequel was to feature Superman Vs. Brainiac!

Cool Superman Vs. The Hulk Fan-Made Movie Trailer

Features footage from Man of Steel.

60 Things Wrong With Superman Returns (Video)

6 minutes of everything wrong with Superman Returns.

What Jenny Olsen Tells Us About Man Of Steel

With Rebecca Buller as Jenny Olsen in the Man of Steel, what's it mean for Clark Kent and Superman?

Which Superman Movie Was Jackie Collins Talking About With Matt Bomer Being Gay?

Jackie Collins questions her source about Matt Bomer being passed over because he is gay, but which Superman movie was she really talking about?

X-Men's Colossus, Daniel Cudmore, Tried Out For Superman In Man of Steel (2013) Movie

Another actor tried out for Superman, an actor also known for playing a character made of hardened metal.

Amazing Spider-Man (2012): New Movie Poster Resembles Superman Returns

Wow! The new Amazing Spider-Man movie poster is eerily(?!) similar to that of Superman Returns!

Superman Returns (2007): "Return To Krypton" Video in HD

An HD Version of the "return to Krypton" scene from the Superman Anthology has hit the net, featuring Brandon Routh as the Man Of Steel.

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