Commander Shepard's End Is Near; Two DLCs For Mass Effect 3 Announced

Mass Effect 3:Citadel and Reckoning announced.

PS3 Now Has Full YouTube Experience

New App for PS3 announced.

PS4 Rumors Now Include No DualShock Controller

The new PS4 looks to be retiring the classic DualShock controller that gamers are accustomed to.

Nova and Star-Lord Come To LittleBigPlanet Video Game (PS3)

Sony just announced that Nova and Star-Lord will be available for their LittleBigPlanet video game on PS3.

PS4 To Be Announced At E3 2013? (Rumored)

The PS4 might be announced around the June 2013 E3 and be ready by next Christmas.

Mass Effect 4 In Development; Slated For A 2014 or 2015 Release

BioWare comments on the development of Mass Effect 4.

The Walking Dead Video Game Disc Edition (PS3, XBox 360, PC) Includes Robert Kirkman Comic Book

Telltale Games is offering The Walking Dead Video Game as a hardy copy with a bunch of exclusive incentives.

Target Black Friday 2012 PS3, XBox 360, Nintendo Deals (Official)

Target released information on their upcoming Black Friday deals related to the PS3, XBox 360 and Nintendo.

The Walking Dead Episode 5 "No Time Left" Trailer Now Online (PS3, XBox 360)

Telltale games has released the trailer to the last episode of The Walking Dead video game, "No Time Left."

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