Mass Effect 3

Bioware Caves: Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Offers Additional Ending

With all the hooplah surrounding the ending to Mass Effect 3, Bioware has caved to fans' demands and will offer an Extended Cut DLC.

Mass Effect 3: Bioware To Change Ending

Dr. Ray Muzyka, co-founder of Bioware, states there will be additional material to answer fans' questions.

Mass Effect 3: Executive Producer Responds to Ending Complaints

Mass Effect 3 Executive Producer Casey Hudson responds to fans complaints about the ending.

Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer Strategy Videos: Enemies & Classes

Senior Combat Designer Corey Gaspur and Gameplay Designer Eric Fagnan talk Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer mode.

Bioware and Dark Horse Announce Mass Effect 3 In-Game Items

Fans who purchase The Art of the Mass Effect Universe through Digital will receive a limited code to unlock a Reinforcement Pack.

Mass Effect 3: Spaced Edition Recap Trailer

Early copies of Mass Effect 3 were launched into space in celebration of the release of one of this year's most highly anticipated games.

Mass Effect 3 Sales: Over 3.5 Million Shipped; Critical Success

Bioware has released an official press release touting the critical and commercial success of just what could be the game of the year. Read on!

Mass Effect 3 Sales Top 890,000 In First 24 Hours In North America

Mass Effect 3 is retaking back the video game industry as sales are through the atmosphere!

Mass Effect 3 Now Available In Europe

Mass Effect 3 is now available in Europe! The fight to save the Earth begins!

Mass Effect 3 - In Stores Now!

The Fight To Take Back The Earth Has Begun!

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