Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes MMO Gets Forge Of Asgard Update

All-new Asgardian-themed crafting system,

Marvel Heroes Nightcrawler Trailer

He uses his teleportation, expert swashbuckling and superhuman agility to defeat enemies quickly.

Marvel Heroes Adds Ghost Rider & More Asgard (Trailer)

Ghost Rider has joined Marvel Heroes as the latest playable hero on the extensive roster of fan-favorite Marvel superheroes!

Marvel Heroes Announces Luke Cage & Lady Deadpool

One of its largest updates yet in Game Update 1.3.

Human Torch Now Playable on Marvel Heroes MMO

Flame On! In the new Marvel Heroes MMO!

Marvel Heroes MMO Cinematic Opening Trailer Starts With The Watcher

Cool animated intro for the Marvel Heroes video game.

Marvel Heroes MMO Launches Today

It’s Clobberin’ Time! Gazillion Entertainment today released Marvel Heroes!

Marvel Heroes Villains Trailer Now Online

Check out a villains trailer narrated by Nick Fury.

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