Kevin Smith

Watch Kevin Smith's Trailer For Tusk

A podcast co-host goes missing in the backwoods of Canada.

No Fake Batman Vs. Superman Script Says Kevin Smith

Smith only knows what he has been shown.

No Body Armor For Ben Affleck In Batman Vs. Superman

Kevin Smith will have none if it. *Beep*

Kevin Smith Rumored To Have Written Batman Vs. Superman Fake Script

Kevin Smith pulling a fast one on websites?

Kevin Smith Says More Than One Batsuit & Batmobile In Batman Vs. Superman

Batsuit from Frank Miller's Hunt The Dark Knight comic.

Comic Book Men Renewed For Fourth Season; Spinoffs Announced

Kevin Smith and Robert Bruce get their own series.

Kevin Smith Talks Ben Affleck Batsuit & DC & Marvel Comic Book Movies

Smith participated in a fan QnA for charity.


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