Justice League

Exclusive: Jeff Lemire teams canucks and cosmic in new Justice League title

Byron talks Rann and Thanagar, a new member of the Cree, and Moose Factory!

Justice League: 3000 #3 Preview

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have been banished to a planet wide penal colony!

Justice League Of America #12 Preview

A devastating battle against Despero begins!

Op-ed: Thoughts On Jesse Eisenberg Cast As Lex Luthor

CBN movie reviewer Lawrence Napoli offers his thoughts on the latest casting for Batman Vs. Superman.

Geoff Johns Now Executive Producer On Batman Vs. Superman; Nolan Out?

Good thing? Bad thing? We'll let you decide.

Aquaman Animated Movie Confirmed

"You'll see a movie with Atlantis in the title."

Justice League #27 Preview

Cyborg must find Doctor Will Magnus.

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