Josh Trank

Fantastic Four Rumors Redacted

Trank, Kinberg, Teller, Jordan, Mara and Bell still on the reboot.

Fantastic Four Rumored To Get New Director & Cast

Fox Studios reportedly not all too happy.

Op-Ed: Thoughts On A Michael B. Jordan As A Black Johnny Storm

Lawrence offers his thoughts on the new casting for the FF movie including a white Sue Storm.

Josh Trank Says Female Doctor Doom Is BS; Do We Believe Him?

Wild rumors and perceived news floating about.

Josh Gad & Josh Trank Deny Fantastic Four The Thing Rumors

Gad says he's prepping for a young Luke Skywalker.

Good News: Fantastic Four Reboot Synopsis Not True

Director Josh Trank says not even close.

Kit Harington, Saoirse Ronan & More Rumored For Fantastic Four Reboot

Bunch of actors said to be on the list of contenders for Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman.

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