Joel Kinnaman

Sony Leaked The First RoboCop Joel Kinnaman Images Says Gary Oldman

Kinnaman comments on suit reactions and fanboys being in their mom's basement.

Robocop (2014) Toy Line Reveals Use Of Original Movie Suit

Original 1987 suit featured as part of toy line. Movie, too.

Robocop 2013 Is Not Iron Man, Compared To Call of Duty, Concept Art (Promo Video)

Robocop concept art and a video promotion with Joel Kinnaman revealing more than one Robocop suit and more.

New Robocop Images Reveal Man Behind The Machine

Coming out of the Robocop shoot in Toronto, we get a good look at Joel Kinnaman.

First Look At Joel Kinnaman As New Robocop (2013)

We get our first look at Joel Kinnaman in the new Robocop suit revealing a different take than the original.

New Robocop (2013) To Be More Human; Features See-Through Visor

The new Robocop will be grounded in reality and feature a more human look.

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