James Cameron

Stephen Lang Returning For All 3 Avatar Sequels

Return of Colonel Miles Quaritch? Or as something else?

No Arnold Schwarzenegger For Avatar 2 Says Fox Studios

No big blue bodybuilder for Avatar 2.

New Gravity Trailer Now Online Starring George Clooney & Sandra Bullock

Best space film ever done says James Cameron.

Avatar 2, 3 & 4 Announced: Filming Simultaneously; New Writers On Board

A-List writers and talent on th Avatar sequels.

James Cameron Updates Avatar 2; Talks Release Date & Peter Jackson Had It Easy

No pressure, doesn't have a book to go by, and almost there!

Casey's Dune Hollywood Film Draft: Cameron, Stewart, Hemsworth, Connery, Nicholson

This is Casey's short list to repopulate a reboot of Dune featuring some big time names.

'Fast Five' Director Justin Lin Meets with Cameron and Schwarzenegger for 'Terminator 5'

Justin Lin comments on a meeting with both James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger on a new "Terminator" movie.

Science Flick-Tion: Fantastic Voyage (1966)

James Cameron is remaking the classic sci-fi movie in 3-D and CBN takes a look back at the original.

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