Jake Gyllenhaal

Six Rumored For Doctor Strange

Joaquin Phoenix opens the mystic door for someone...

Hugh Jackman Jokes Jake Gyllenhaal Is Up For A Role In Batman Vs. Superman (Video); Stars Weigh In

Tom Hiddleston, Stan Lee, Harrison Ford and more all weigh in on Batman Vs. Superman!

6 Younger Actors To Consider As Lex Luthor In Batman Vs. Superman

All the Lex Luthor actors rumored have been over the age of 50. How about some young cats for the role?!

Movie Review: Prisoners (2013)

Lawrence Napoli says it's the first Oscar worthy film of the Fall.

Man of Steel Cast Images With Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Jake Gyllenhaal At Spike TV Awards

Snyder, Cavill, Crowe, Adams with JGL and the once possible Batman.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Batman In Justice League Movie Is BS

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not the Batman says our own source as well as the reps of JGL.

Batman Reboot 2016: Jake Gyllenhaal A Possibility?

Could Jake Gyllenhaal be in the Batman reboot? The actor talks about donning a cape for super hero movies.

Exclusive: Armie Hammer Batman Rumor "Is False As Hell"

Our own source says the rumor that Armie Hammer will play Batman is not true and - more.

Armie Hammer Rumored For Justice League Movie Batman

Armie Hammer was cast in the 2007 Justice League Movie, will he get a second chance?

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