Idris Elba

Tom Hiddleston & Idris Elba Confirmed For The Avengers 2

Elba filmed a scene with Hiddleston and Hemsworth.

Idris Elba & Heimdall Featured In New Thor 2 Movie Poster

All-seeing Asgardian front and center.

New Thor 2 TV Spot

Hits November 8th.

Thor 2 Super High-Res Movie Poster & Separate Character Images

Thor 2 movie poster and separate character images.

Thor 2 Malekith, Volstagg & Heimdall Movie Theater Standees

Displays for Christopher Eccleston, Ray Stevenson and Idris Elba.

Movie Review: Pacific Rim (2013)

Lawrence offers his take on the giant robots vs. giant monsters sci-fi action-extravaganza.

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