Heath Ledger

32 The Dark Knight Set Photos With Heath Ledger

With commentary from director Christopher Nolan.

Comic-Con Dark Knight LEGO Set Revealed

First time Heath Ledger Joker is in LEGO form.

DC Comics Artist Steve Scott Gives Us Ben Affleck As Batman Concept Art

Batman/Superman Ben Affleck concept art? Or character art from years ago?

With Bale Out: Will Leonardo DiCaprio Come On Board Batman/Superman as The Riddler?

Possible bad blood between Bale and DiCaprio pave way for the Riddler in Batman/Superman?

Op-Ed: A Response To Ben Affleck Batman Nerd Rage & Why Heath Ledger Argument Doesn't Work

Lawrence responds to the verbal fanboy vomit as well as the notion that Affleck's situation is similar to Keaton or Ledger's.

Christopher Nolan Snuck Joker Into The Dark Knight Rises?

Is there a Joker Easter Egg in The Dark Knight Rises? Or Two?

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