Frank Darabont

Bradley Cooper Rumored To Take Over Indiana Jones

No reboot. More like James Bond.

Frank Darabont Suing AMC Over The Walking Dead

AMC allegedly owes Darabont tens of millions as they participate in some questionable business practices.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Green Lit; Glen Mazzara Departs

Due to creative differences, Glen Mazzara departs Season 4 of The Walking Dead.

AMC's The Walking Dead: Death Spoiled Through Blu-Ray Set

AMC let slip a character death in a description on their web site for The Walking Dead Blu-Ray set.

The Walking Dead: AMC Fired Darabont; "Terrorizing" Cast Into Silence

It seems Frank Darabont didn't walk away from The Walking Dead afterall, but was forced to by AMC.

AMC Screws over The Walking Dead and Why Darabont Left

Did Frank Darabont leave "The Walking Dead" because AMC is playing favorites with the creator on "Mad Men?"

AMC's The Walking Dead: Glen Mazzara named as Showrunner

Glen Mazzara, who Darabont appointed as the show's new exective producer not too long ago, will take on the role of The Walking Dead's showrunner.

AMC's The Walking Dead Keeps On Walking

So what did you think of AMC's "The Walking Dead?" Plus, Robert Kirkman remarks on including the CDC; also check out a behind the scenes video to episode six!

AMC's "The Walking Dead" Axes Writers

Writer and Executive Producer on AMC's "The Walking Dead," Frank Darabont, has let go the entire writing staff including Executive Producer Chris Eglee.

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