Watch: Loot Crate Firefly Fan-Film "The Verse"

The monthly subscription service goes cosmic for the month of September.

Loot Crate Goes Cosmic With Firefly, Star Wars & Star Trek Exclusives

Monthly subscription & community that delivers crates of epic gear to geeks & gamers.

Cast Reunites For Firefly Online; Trailer Released

Players take on the role of a ship captain as they hire a crew and lead missions.

Watch: Nathan Fillion As Star Trek's Captain Kirk (Video)

Mentions when Firefly was first announced by Whedon.

Firefly Limited Series A Possibility & A Long Shot

But you can't take the sky from me...

The Wayback Machine: Firefly (2002)

Firefly met its end much too soon.

Serenity: The Leaves Of Wind #1 Preview

Continues from the popular TV show!

Firefly's Sean Maher Cast As Shrapnel In Arrow

Playing the evil Mark Scheffer.

NYCC: Dark Horse Announces Whedon's Serenity Returns

Executive producer Joss Whedon behind the helm!

First Look At New Firefly/Serenity Comic Book From Dark Horse

You can't take the sky from me. But DH will be giving us new Firefly!

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