Edward Norton

New Birdman (2014) Images Featuring Michael Keaton & Edward Norton

An actor known for playing a superhero struggles to get a Broadway play off the ground.

Who Leads DC's and Marvel's Cinematic Realities?

Lawrence takes a look at who is running the show and offers thoughts of his own.

The State of Hollywood: 10 Best American Born Actors

Lawrence Napoli gives us his top ten leading men of Hollywood - born right here in the good ol' U.S.A.

The Bourne Legacy (2012): New International Trailer Online

A new International trailer for The Bource Legacy is now online which stars Jeremy Renner of The Avengers movie and Edward Norton.

Bourne Legacy (2012): First Look At Edward Norton

Check out our first look at Edward Norton as the villain in the Bourne Legacy.

Underworld's Kate Beckinsale In The Sack With Star Wars' Chewbacca! Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

Beckinsale and Chewy get it on in this Jimmy Kimmel spoof video - lots more, too!

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