Christopher Reeve

Watch: Superman IV Deleted Scene Vs. Bizarro

Why did they ever delete this?

Awesome: 16th Century Super Heroes & Star Wars Characters

Superman, Batman, Cap, Spidey and more.

Mark Millar Says Superman Henry Cavill Was A Great Choice; New Costume Horrible For Comic Books

Millar offers his thoughts on the new Superman as well as the past super men.

Great Scott! Christopher Reeve Easter Egg In The Man of Steel (Video)

Zack Snyder looks to have included a homage to Christopher Reeve in the new Superman Man of Steel movie.

Loki's Favorite Super Hero Is Christophe Reeve Superman; Tom Hiddleston Talks Super Powers

Tom Hiddleston talks about Superman, what he would wants as super powers and what he would do with them.

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