Batman Reboot

Batman Vs. Superman News & Rumors Recap Part 1

EIC Matt McGloin goes through the timeline leading up to Batman Vs. Superman and Ben Affleck's recent appearance on Fallon.

WB Brought Ben Affleck On Board Batman To Carry Henry Cavill, Because Of Christopher Nolan, & Kevin Tsujihara

Pressure said not to be on Affleck which may be a good sign for Superman fans.

Fans Go Crazy Over Ben Affleck As Batman: Petition Obama To Make It Illegal

Dozens of petitions against Affleck have been launched.

Exclusive: Ben Affleck Made Huge Positive Impression For Warner Bros. With Batman & Justice League

EIC Matt McGloin receives more news about Batman, the casting process and more.

Ben Affleck Hitting The Gym Hard For Batman With 2-Hour Workouts

Ben Afflect is already at it getting in shape for Batman!

Ben Affleck Is The New Batman Podcast With Matt McGloin & Lawrence Napoli

EIC Matt McGloin and CBN movie reviewer Lawrence Napoli went live on the air to discuss Ben Affleck as Batman.

Op-Ed: Ben Affleck As Batman Is The End Of DC

CBN's Lawrence Napoli offers his thoughts and opinion on the big Batman news.

Exclusive: Ben Affleck Signs Huge Multi-Picture Deal For Batman; Lex Luthor Has Been Cast

EIC Matt McGloin learned some details about the new Batman/Superman movie.

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