Andy Kubert

DC Comics Joker 3D Villains Month Cover Revealed

Count Vertigo and Deadshot covers, too.

Avengers #6 Preview (Hickman)

The Secret Origin of the Universe.

First Look At Scott Snyder & Andy Kubert's Batman #18

Double-page spread of Andy Kubert Batman art.

Batman #18 Gets Andy Kubert As Guest-Artist

Batman #18 will feature the art of Andy Kubert, check out the solicit and cover.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 Preview: Andy Kubert Inks

Iron Man takes on Magneto in these AvX preview pages. Who wins?! Is there really any question?!

Brian Michael Bendis On Guardians Of The Galaxy Summer 2012?

Seeing how the new year is almost upon us, how about prediction time: Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova and The Avengers!

Watchmen 2: First Look At Nite Owl and The Comedian Cover Art; Amanda Connor on Silk Spectre

Cover art and more info has been released for the Watchmen 2 prequel from DC Comics.

Andy Kubert's Justice League #4 Variant Cover

Check out the variant to Justice League #4 by superstar artist Andy Kubert!

Watchmen 2 Prequel: Andy and Joe Kubert On Night Owl; Darwyn Cooke Possible Comedian

Will we see the Kubert father/son team on the Watchmen prequel? Could be.

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