Almost Human

Bring Back Almost Human Petition Launched

"An amazing show with so much potential."

Almost Human "You Are Here" Preview

A magic bullet triggers a mysterious murder...

Almost Human Episode 4 Preview "The Bends"

Preview for next week's episode.

Almost Human Episode 3 Preview "Are You Receiving?"

Preview for next week's episode.

Watch The Pilot Episode Online For Almost Human From J.J. Abrams Starring Karl Urban

Watch the first episode in its entirety. Great start!

Almost Human Episode 2 Preview "Skin"

Preview for tonight's episode.

Almost Human Premiers Tonight! Watch The Fox NFL Spot & New Clip

An MX-43 Android encounters Cleatus the Fox NFL robot!

John Larroquette Joins J.J. Abrams' Almost Human

Larroquette plays a scientist in a recurring role.

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